Seasoned event videographer. Love doing them and they always come out looking great!


One of my favorite things to do. Licensed drone pilot and have been flying them for over 2 years now. 


2 years plus experience. Done everything from apartments to multi-million dollar homes as well as commercial properties. Looking to work directly with agents or agencies as well.

Need an Editor?

Editing is just as big of a deal as the filming of a project. Personally, I feel the magic happens when the editing takes place. Feel free to contact me regarding any editing you might need!

Live Stream & Podcast Consult

I've constructed and run many live stream setups. Love working with people to help them solve and figure out their setups. If you would like a free consultation feel free to contact me below!

Need a PA?

I love to get out and actually film things. So even if you just need an extra hand for your project feel free to reach out to me!